Saturday, March 27, 2010


I made a real facebook page for this music nonsense I keep is the link to it!

Be my fan or whatever...most of the info is the same as here but in a different layout! Exciting times we live in.

Got outside today in the cold sunshine. Bill sawed up about one million spruce logs that will become next year's firewood...we've gotten three very generous wood donations from two very generous friends, thus insuring another winter of warmth (and songs about warmth - I've got a song about the woodstove!) We tuckered Claude out by walking/running through Mullin's Head Park while Bill BMXed it up and took some funny videos of jumps, and then took him for a ride to the store. And I invented a more or less successful butternut squash and asparagus tart. Well, probably I didn't invent it but anyway it was tasty. Bill made the crust using the olive oil tart crust recipe from chocolate and zucchini.

All in all a good March day. I slept until 9 (minus waking up to feed the dachshund) and then took a nap immediately after breakfast. Goodness me.

Courtney & Her Ukulele

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