Thursday, March 18, 2010

breaking through that wall

FInished a song last night! Yeah! It's the first new one in quite a while - early February I think? It's called Stonewashed Blues and it's the one whose chorus I'd been kicking around for weeks. It's going to feature Joe Nelson of the Toughcats on mandolin!

Such a good feeling, breaking through a bout of writer's block. I'm about to get back in the short story saddle as well, since third trimester is creative writing time in English class. The kids will be writing and workshopping and darned if I'm going to pass up a reason to write and get feedback (from my target audience, no less!) I've been writing stories based on my experiences at a summer camp that shall remain nameless and having fun doing it, but haven't written anything new in almost a year. Guh.

Continuing spring-like weather! Yay! Here's what I'm hoping for/looking forward to in the next few weeks: Visiting Mom and her dogs this weekend, checking out the Rockland Antiques Marketplace open house, being outside a lot, watching the perennials come back, my Fedco order arriving, more awesome Doll's House rehearsals (no, not the Joss Whedon show, the Ibsen play, although if anyone adapts the tv show for the stage let me know!), hopefully playing a show at Rock City Books and Coffee or whatever it's called now (I still call it Second Read!), and getting my hands/hoe into the dirt soon. 

Courtney & Her Ukulele

PS HAPPY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY to me and Bill last Tuesday!  Duh!  I was so busy eating anniversary pizza that I forgot to mention it.

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