Monday, March 22, 2010

back in the saddle

Had a great recording session with Andrew yesterday!  If anyone can tell me if it's possible to upload music to a blog, I'd love to know...I see how to do video but not audio.  We did a radio-ready version of "Almanac" (the song not the whole album) to get ready for promoting the Rock City show!  Exciting times.

Before we recorded I made dinner for him and Betsy (my bakery partner in crime) - a big hippie mush of quinoa, lentils and vegetables.  It was hearty but greatly improved by the addition of condiments, especially sriracha.  A lot of sriracha.

Other good things - went to visit Mom and her four tiny dogs this weekend with our tiny dog.  Ate a lot of cupcakes, went for a nice walk to see some sheep and cows, watched the Temple Grandin movie (excellent and everyone should watch it, especially educators), watched Cake Boss, and ate some more cupcakes.  Also, I've now taught two pilates classes with actual students in them!  They are working very hard and improving already.  Love it.

Courtney & Her Ukulele

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