Reviews and Writeups!

Kate Taylor's write up in the Working Waterfront:  "Naliboff sings of life, pure and transparent. We all have beautiful, sad, happy, disappointing, gleeful, heart-aching, and joyous experiences. Such memories are triggered in a most pleasant way in Almanac thanks to Naliboff and the talents accompanying her."

 Dagney Ernest's write up in the Herald Gazette: "Musically, the album has a pop/folk feel, a little Beatles-esque here, a little country there and the occasional girl group vibe too. Naliboff's soprano, showcased to great theatrical effect on neighboring Vinalhaven during 2007's community/school production of "Into the Woods," often harmonizes with itself in honeyed layers."

 Emily Burnham's column in the Bangor Daily News: "The album is full of unique textures and compositional flair. “Almanac” recalls the orchestral folk of Sufjan Stevens, or a more stripped-down St. Vincent, especially in songs such as “Diurne,” which features a string quartet comprising midcoast musicians, and “Bones,” which features a handmade percussion setup."

Feature on Ukulele Perspective: "My favorite song at first listen is the last on the album, “Migration Lullaby” featuring the ukulele...The album is a mix of styles.  ”Migration Lullaby” will likely be my favorite."

Review on Your Band: "If you want to smile, skip, sing, hold hands, eat ice-cream, laugh, and give high fives.... Go get Almanac by Courtney Naliboff. Myself??? I love high fives; and this album."