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Hello! This page is to help you, the booker, decide if you want me (the bookee?) to play at your venue.

The album! All songs available for free download or streaming!

My bio:
Courtney Naliboff, a music, theatre and English teacher on North Haven island, played in many bands while living in Boston.  Exploring genres from glam to New Orleans with her trumpet, bass and voice, she enjoyed playing other people's music but wanted something more.  She began writing songs with her last Boston project, a cute and girly group called Joe Lies, but shortly moved to the middle of the Penobscot Bay.  There she continued to write and record at home.  When a friend brought over a ukulele and asked her to learn how to play it so she could teach someone else, it was love at first sight.  The songs that will become her debut album, Almanac, came rushing into her head, inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of island life.

Photos by Jane Naliboff:

Photos by Jonathan D. Nimerfroh

Contact information:

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I would love to play in any type of venue, be it kitchen or concert hall. Please let me know if you want to hear/see anything else, or if you have any questions!

- Courtney & Her Ukulele