Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Got a lot accomplished today despite the nasty weather. Reminds me of Providence actually, and makes me want to go to Tealuxe which is kind of silly since I have tea in my house. But there's a specific kind of cold, wet and light that really makes me think of being in college.

Taught two piano lessons and a clarinet lesson this morning, went to a yoga class led by my friend Susan (an author and painter of some renown who might be doing album art for me!) Bill and I decided to have some folks over for dinner and so put on some black beans and Bill made tortillas while I went to the gym, hoping for some Pilates students - nobody showed today, but Thursday is when I was sort of counting on starting anyway.

Since nobody came, I got to start cooking a little early, which meant that I just finished putting things in the oven before the last guest arrived! We made squash and red pepper enchiladas, black beans, Spanish rice and flan. I'm nervous about the flan. I'll letcha know.

Have a chorus for song number 8 but not much as far as verses go. It'll come.

UPDATE: Flan was perfect. Looked and tasted like flan! I used the recipe from and the trick is to bake it for about twice as long as they say, and at 50 degrees higher. Anyway. Flan.

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