Thursday, March 25, 2010


Despite a sprinkle of snow yesterday afternoon, the brave daffodils here at school have decided to up and bloom!  Not every one - one in the lee of the playground, and a row of them in front of the entrance.  But I daresay that's the earliest daffodils I can remember.  Generally I place them around my birthday, which is a month off.  The internet says that after a little bit of March dues-paying this weekend, we can enjoy warm and sunny weather for a while!  That'd be nice.  Yes, please.

Saw my picture on the Rock City Facebook Page, a nice piece of promotion already noted by some of my mainland friends.  The change in date for the show means that it's sort of the kick off for my spring break!  I'll play that night, eat something delicious in town, then Bill and I will drive South (to Portland probably) and on Saturday continue on to the outskirts of Philadelphia, where we'll spend the night with his excellent relatives who reside there.  Then Sunday we'll press on to Ocracoke Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina!  They are basically North Haven, but with sandy beaches, a free ferry from Hatteras, and a school just a little bigger than ours, which I will be visiting.  Claude is coming too, because he's a good boy and it's his birthday in April, as well as mine.  I might make a pest of myself and try to play a "show" somewhere, even if it's for Bill and Claude at our campsite on the beach.  Or at a place with walls, who knows?

I ate lunch with Betsy in the school greenhouse today, a project that she has spearheaded.  It's a wonderful space!  So far just one of the raised beds has dirt in it but excitingly enough it also has pea and chard seeds, so there's something for me to obsess over the sprouting schedule of.  Last year I had started my seedlings around this time, and this year I'm already getting the outdoor planting bug (no seedlings this time around, not until we get our own greenhouse!)  Global weirding indeed.

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