Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello from Courtney & Her Ukulele!

Hello World!

It occurred to me that since I have a ukulele, write songs for it, and want to play them in places other than my living room, I should have some sort of Web site. Here it is!

A little about me: My name is Courtney. I live on North Haven, an island in the Penobscot Bay. I like it here very much. With Bill (who is the greatest!) I have a house, three cats (Delia, Lucifer Sam and Nadia), a dog (Claude), a bunch of plants, some gardens, a wood pile, and all that great stuff. I've always played music, from piano recitals to glam bands and this is my latest project. It's my first solo venture and one of the first songwriting projects I've had. It's fun!

I would love to play some shows. Anywhere! House party, community center, concert hall, pub, whatever! To that end, here is some stuff to help you decide if you want me to play for your venue:

This is an unmixed version of "Bones"

This is a video clip from my show at Zuzu

I am recording an album at the moment. It is called Almanac, and my friend Andrew Frederick (Peapod Records) is producing it. It will have a lot of guests making a racket, and 12 songs. I hope to have it available for free download late this spring! Or maybe early summer.

I'll use this blog for booking, show announcements, album updates, and also to talk about what it's like living on an island, because I like to write and the island is fun to write about.

Thanks for reading!


Courtney & Her Ukulele

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  1. I played Bones for Adam without telling him you did it; he really liked it. Then, I told him it's a Courtney Naliboff original; he *really* likes it.

    Kristin Mason