Monday, March 15, 2010

Tentative Show Date!

May 28 at the Hog Farm Annex!

Coincidentally they live below my sister, so she gave me the sweet tip to contact them. Thanks Lala!

The date is tentative but I will definitely play a show there, hopefully with Andrew (my aforementioned producer.) I hope to eat some of their delicious sounding light fare as well. I will update when I know the date is set.

That is also the weekend of Bill's birthday so maybe there will be some Portland shenanigans the next day? Who knows! Maybe we'll just go back to the island (with orpha!)

I totally forgot to mention that Bill got elected to the Board of Selectmen and Overseer of the Poor this Saturday at town meeting! So now he is overseeing

Courtney & Her Ukulele

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