Thursday, April 1, 2010

chag sameach!

means joyous festival!  it's passover!  i've been acknowledging it by continuing to eat grains and leavened foods.  whoops.  i had an idea that i might actually give that stuff up for a week but then there was cake.  

i absolutely love seder though and this year a bunch of friends are coming over to celebrate with me.  i will be the only jew.  as usual.  but that's fine because then nobody will know how bad my hebrew really is.  i put together a haggadah (mostly from the open source haggadah web site - so great!) and it's four pages long, which is fine.  i saw a card on that said something like "let's commemorate the slavery of our people by rushing through a 30 minute seder!" and yeah...that's about right.  

sun came back today!  yay!  i hope it sticks around.  we're going to boothbay on saturday to play some ukuleles with our friends adam and ruthie and their kid (my birthday twin!) and their dog, and claude is coming too!

Courtney & Her Ukulele

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