Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey there

I didn't mean to stop writing for so long!  Whoops!  April is zooming right on by.  Exciting things: did a marathon recording session with Andrew last week, knocked out basics for everything I have written so far!  Better write some more! I planted onions and shallots yesterday, and started hoeing up some of the other beds and pulling raspberry canes.  STUPID RASPBERRY CANES.  They don't even have the decency to bear fruit, they just stand there and prickle.  I got an iPad for an early birthday present!  Thanks Bill!  It is the cutest, sweetest, most useful thing ever.  Yes, it lacks a camera, a phone, flash, and multitasking, but hey.  It does plenty.  Friday is the show at Rock City!  Yeah!  Very excited.  They have some posters up of me which is kind of neat and weird - I honestly think I haven't been on a poster since college.  Rock show posters are more about the art and less about the poor slob playing the songs.  And then after I play that show....we leave for Ocracoke Island!  Yes!  With a stop at Bill's cousin's house along the way.  So very very excited!


Courtney & Her Ukulele

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